How to Open an Elgin Pocket Watch


The Elgin pocket watch is a timepiece of fine class and expensive taste. It's one of the last old-fashioned watches that's made by hand. The look of an elgin watch is as important as its function. These watches are considered antiques, and when you take one apart, you will see that it is a work of art, both inside and out.

Place the watch on a flat surface, preferably a piece of felt so that the surface does not get scratched. Grasp the face, or the glass, between your thumb and forefinger. Gently unscrew the face from the rest of the watch.

Locate the small hinge at the top of the watch, just above the 12. Pull the knob at the top up, as if you are setting the time. The knob will release the pin that keeps the entire piece together.

Place your fingernail, or a flat, blunt object like a Popsicle stick, into the slot at the bottom of the watch, below the 6. Slide the piece in slowly until it hits the solid back of the groove. Turn the instrument or your nail in the slot, and the entire face will pop up.

Lift the face up toward where the knob used to be. Half way up, it will slip under the hinge that is holding it down. Pull the face off the watch.