How to Meet Professional Men

Jordan Siemens/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The three most important factors in finding your perfect match are a lot like the three most important factors in finding your perfect house: location, location, location, according to the book, “Become Your Own Matchmaker.” To meet professional men, you need to be in the presence of professional men. Once you are in the presence of professional men, you need to show signs that you are interested in meeting them.

Look the part. If you want to catch the eye of a professional man, you need to look like the kind of woman the man would not mind having on his arm. Professionals do a lot of networking, and the odds are that if you are with him, you will influence the reputation that colleagues and potential business contacts have of him. Therefore, you not only need to be attractive to him, but also to dress in a manner that would make him proud to show you off to colleagues and business contacts.

Go to where the professional men are. Once you have on presentable attire, frequent the places where professional men congregate. Go to a sit-down restaurant during lunchtime near that big corporation in your town. Go to happy hour just after work at an upscale restaurant. Do volunteer work. Join professional organizations. Take up golf, tennis or wine tasting as a hobby. You are bound to meet professional men in these settings.

Make eye contact. If you are in the presence of professional men, find one that you like and make eye contact. If you are alone, the man is much more likely to respond than if you are with a group of your girlfriends.

Smile. Because you are a complete stranger to this man, he may need some encouragement. Smiling signals to him that it is OK for him to approach you.

Make small talk. If he approaches you, introduce yourself, and make small talk by asking him about his profession. Men love talking about themselves, and because you are specifically looking for a professional man, you want to make sure that he’s the real deal. Depending on how the conversation goes, he may ask for your card or even ask you out.