How to Make Your T Shirt Cute

by Sky Martin ; Updated September 28, 2017

Make Your T Shirt Cute

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Warm temperatures means shedding off the layers of clothes that have been weighing you down all winter. Say goodbye to heavy winter coats and flannel and hello to light-weight cotton shirts and linens. T-shirts are an essential item that should be a part of everyone's wardrobe. While extremely comfortable, some t-shirts lack style. If it is not a tight-fitting tee, it usually has as much fashion appeal as a potato sack. While it may be easy to take a trip to the mall, it is not necessary. Here are some great ways to transform the average lackluster, shapeless t-shirt into a cute and stylish one.

Lay your t-shirt flat on the table. Cut the vertical seams that run the length of the t-shirt. These are located on the side.

Cut several horizontal strips along the seams. For a tighter fit, cut these strips longer. Tie the strips together.

Wear a colorful tank top underneath that is in contrast to your t-shirt. For example, a black t-shirt can be worn with a hot pink tank top underneath. The bright colors will highlight the strips that you have tied.

Lay your t-shirt flat on the table. Cut 1½ inch vertical strips from the bottom seam of your t-shirt.

Push a bead up through the strip of fabric. Your beads should be wide enough for the material to go through as well as narrow enough that they will be easy to secure with a simple knot. Add a couple of beads to each strip or keep it simple with just one bead. Tie a large knot at the end of each beaded strip to secure them when you have finished adding the beads.

A variation of this idea is to cut vertical strips into the sleeves of the t-shirt. Follow steps 3 to 5 to finish the look.

Lay your t-shirt flat on the table. Make a straight cut from the bottom of your t-shirt to the top. This gives you two halves that you can work with.

Take one half of the shirt and cut 1 ½ vertical strips in the middle. Usually 1 to 3 strips are needed. Depending on how tight you want your t-shirt, these horizontal strips can be longer.

For a more modest look, wear a lace camisole or a tank top underneath. For a sexy look, simply wear the t-shirt with a pretty push-up bra and make the horizontal strips longer. This is a great design that highlights the chest area.

Put on your t-shirt. Take all the extra fabric and gather it to the side. Twist a a hair elastic band around it. Or you can gather all the material towards your back for a snug fit and twist a hair elastic band around it. Either of these choices works great when you want a new look and you are trying to beat the clock.

If your t-shirt is long, you can cinch a wide belt around your waist. This is a great way to define your waist and show off your curves. A cinched waist gives a t-shirt a very feminine appeal. Try different color belts or that vary in width.

Add a lot of accessories to your t-shirt. Accessories are a girl's best friend. Layer bracelets on both arms or wear a chunky necklace. Long layered strings of necklaces have the magical ability to transform even the most boring of t-shirts.


  • It is best to use sharp scissors. When you cut into the fabric with dull scissors, you will get jagged edges. You want a nice, crisp edge to each cut for the best look. Have fun with the t-shirts that you have in your wardrobe. Experiment wearing them different ways.

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