How to Cut a Football Jersey for a Girl

It can be frustrating for women to purchase an article of clothing and find it only comes in men’s sizes. Amend this situation by making your own alterations to garments. Cut a football jersey into a style that is flattering for girls and women. This craft allows you to practice and improve your sewing skills, which you can then apply to other oversized clothing items, from T-shirts to jeans.

Spread your football jersey on a flat work surface. Straighten it to eliminate creases and wrinkles.

Position a T-shirt that already fits you well on top of the jersey. You will use this shirt as a model to cut the jersey into a flattering shape and size.

Cut along the jersey 1 inch from both sides of the T-shirt. The extra inch on each side will provide space for you to add a new hem.

Remove the model T-shirt from the jersey and turn the jersey inside out. Align the cut edges of the shirt on both sides and secure them with pins.

Sew the edges of the shirt together using a needle and thread or a sewing machine. This will give the shirt a slim, flattering fit, which will be suited to your unique body shape since you have modeled the jersey after a shirt that already fits you well.

Remove the pins. Trim loose strings and turn the newly altered jersey right side out.