How to Make Neck Bigger On a Shirt

Shirts shrink. No matter what you do, they shrink. You can hand wash, machine wash, even send them out to a professional laundry service. They will still shrink. Your neck does not get bigger! Well, maybe once in a while we might add a little girth to our necks, but for now let’s blame it on shrinkage. Either way, all is not lost. You can still make that shirt fit around your neck.

How to Make Neck Bigger On a Shirt

Purchase a Collar Extender. This small device can be found just about anywhere you purchase button down shirts. For best results, contact a store that has a sizeable selection of men’s business shirts.

Put the shirt on. This only works while you are wearing the shirt.

Place the loop side of the Collar Extender around the top button on your shirt collar.

Insert the stud side of the Collar Extender into the top button hole of your shirt.

Now don your tie and you are ready to enjoy your shirt with all of its original comfort and style. You’ve just made your shirt collar bigger around your neck.