How to Make Your Own Bow Tie

Bow ties are worn with formal male attire, such as a tuxedoes. They can be tied or clipped on. They tend to be more convenient than a tie, which can sometimes get in the way of what you're doing. Making your own bow tie will require you to know how to use a sewing machine and to be very careful in cutting along the pattern.

Purchase a bow tie pattern. These can be bought at a cloth store that specializes in selling material. Patterns are usually sold in these stores or online (check resources). Also buy up to 2 yards of fabric. Decide what design you would like your bow tie or if you just want a solid color.

Use a white cardboard and lay the pattern out on top of it. Use scissors to cut the pattern out on the cardboard and then lay it on top of the fabric. By cutting it out on the cardboard first it will help not to make accidental cuts into the pattern and ruining it. Then cut the fabric tracing around the cardboard pattern.

Place the cardboard pattern onto another area of the fabric. Cut the fabric according to the pattern. This will leave you with two bow tie cutouts.

Pin the two cutouts of the fabric. Make sure they are matched up and sew them together. Sew no more than 1/4 inch in at the edges. Leave a little opening in order to be able to add some stuffing in the bow tie.

Purchase a yard of silk fabric. It will not matter what color it is since it will be going inside the bow tie. Lay the cardboard pattern onto the silk fabric and pin it together. Then cut the silk to make it the same pattern as the bow tie. After cutting, place the material inside the bow tie. In order to do this, lay the silk flat and feed it into the bow tie using a long thin object, such as a pencil or utensil handle. Sew the opening of the bow tie. Then tie it to make the bow tie.