How to Make Your Dark Facial Hair Become Lighter

Facial hair on women and girls can be a difficult issue to deal with, especially when it's dark and noticeable. Methods such as waxing, electrolysis and shaving cause pain and leave the skin irritated. The only way to lighten the dark hairs on the face is to bleach them. Bleaching is painless, quick, inexpensive and leaves the hair unnoticeable for up to five weeks with one application.

Wash your face thoroughly to remove dirt, oil and any makeup. Pat it dry with a soft towel.

Empty one scoop of activating powder into the tray provided in the bleaching kit. Rinse off the spatula used to scoop the powder.

Mix two scoops of bleach creme with the powder inside the tray until it becomes white and creamy with a thick consistency.

Use the spatula to apply the creme mix to the areas with the darkest hair. Completely cover all of the hair and leave it on for eight to ten minutes.

Wash the bleach off after the waiting period with a wet, cold washcloth. If the hair is still noticeable, apply the creme again and leave it on for up to five more minutes.