How To Make Valentine's Day Cards For Husbands

Do you have trouble finding the perfect card to express how you feel? Generic cards have their place, but when celebrating holidays with a loved one you might want to be more creative. You don’t have to be an expert crafter to create a Valentine’s card that fits your loved ones interests. Making your own Valentine’s Day card for your husband is a great way to give him a card that focuses on the things he loves the most.

Think about your husband’s tastes instead of your own. Your husband may not want a red heart with doilies or ruffles, but you could create something themed to his favorite interest.

Look for inspiration online. There are many websites that post suggestions or ideas for Valentine’s cards that you can create at home.

Gather craft supplies, beautiful paper and pens. Consider cutting images from magazines, especially if you find something with his favorite subjects.

Consider buying blank cards that you can use to create a homemade Valentine’s Day card. If you are crafty and like making your cards for multiple occasions, you can buy inexpensive blank cards in bulk and personalize them for your husband and other loved ones.

Sketch what you want your Valentine’s card to look like before you start cutting. Keep your card design simple and focus on one main theme.

Find glue that won’t pucker your images or fall off. Check your local scrapbooking supply store for great, acid-free products.

Try a collage card. Use images of your family, your husband’s favorite sport, or ones that evoke memories of your relationship to create a photo collage on the front of the Valentine’s Day card.

Write something from the heart or something that gets a laugh. Make the message of the card fit with your personality and the style of your relationship.