How to Make Sugar Free French Vanilla Cappuccino

by V. L. Hamlin ; Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • 3 tbsp. of sugar-free French vanilla powdered coffee creamer
  • 2 tbsp. of instant coffee
  • 1 package of artificial sweetener
  • 1/8 tsp. of cinnamon or nutmeg

Enjoy a delicious cup of French vanilla cappuccino without the concern of consuming excess sugar. Make your coffee at home using sugar-free products instead of getting it at the local coffee shop. Not only will your health thank you for the lack of sugar, but your pocketbook will, too. Use simple-to-find over-the-counter-products to cook up your own sugar-free French vanilla cappuccino with no special equipment needed.

Step 1

Pour 2 cups of water into a small saucepan. Turn the stove on high and heat the water until it is boiling.

Step 2

Place the French vanilla powdered creamer and the instant coffee into a mug and stir together.

Step 3

Pour the boiling water over the coffee and creamer. Stir the mixture until the instant coffee and the creamer powder have completely dissolved.

Step 4

Add one package of artificial sweetener to the cup and mix well. Feel free to leave this ingredient out if you like, or add additional sweetener if you prefer a sweeter cappuccino.

Step 5

Sprinkle the top of the cappuccino with about 1/8 tsp. of ground cinnamon or nutmeg and serve while still warm.

About the Author

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