How to Make Old Boring Clothes Look Fashionable

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It’s a common dilemma: A woman stands at her closet looking at hundreds of pieces of clothing and feeling as if she has nothing to wear. Women tend to lose their excitement over their wardrobe after a time, especially when they can't afford many new clothes. Even if you feel your wardrobe is boring and old, you don’t have to look like it. If you can't afford to replace your entire wardrobe, you can make the one you have more fashionable by updating your accessories. The right shoes, bags and jewelry transform even a basic outfit into a fashionable ensemble.

Pick up fashionable costume jewelry that you can wear with most clothes in your closet. Pick a long silver necklace with an interesting design such as large circles or squares. You can wear it as one necklace or wrap it around your neck twice to look like two necklaces in different lengths. You can wear a cocktail ring with jeans and a tank top or with a formal dress. Cuff bracelets in bright colors such as turquoise, plum and burnt orange are stylish and elegant.

Update your shoes by purchasing a pair of high pumps in a bright color. You can pair these shoes with skinny jeans, leggings or a dress. The pop of color adds a touch of fashion to any outfit. Try a pair in bright blue, red or plum for extra elegance. For example, pair your dark-wash skinny jeans, black tank top and black blazer with a pair of bright yellow heels to make your outfit more fashionable.

Wear scarves. Cold weather isn’t a prerequisite for scarves; you can pair them with pants and a blazer, shorts and a tank top or over a sundress for a day spent running errands.

Carry a statement bag. An oversize burnt orange leather bag complements anything you wear. If orange isn’t your color, pick a bag in navy, red, plum or even pink. A statement bag is the ultimate accessory to any outfit.

Wear sunglasses. A pair of oversize Jackie O. glasses are classic and always in style. Adding a pair of glasses is both fashionable and fun.

Go for monochromatic looks when in doubt. For example, pair dark blue jeans with a light blue top, baby blue earrings, a navy blue necklace and a bright blue handbag. The look is chic and fashionable when you're wearing a variety of colors in the same family.

Put a belt around it. Wrap a wide belt around the skinniest part of your waist when you wear a dress, a shirt, a blazer, a sweater or a cardigan. The belt accentuates the most flattering part of your figure and adds instant glam to any ensemble.