How to Make Necklaces With Ribbon

Creating fashionable necklaces out of ribbon is fun and appropriate for all age groups. Saving both time and money, the colorful accessories can be given as gifts or even sold to co-workers, friends and family members for extra cash. Delicate and a beautiful addition to any wardrobe, ribbon necklaces can be bold or simple. By choosing the right centerpieces and selecting beads that complement it, you will learn to design accessories in a new and inventive way.

Use the measuring tape to determine how long the necklace should be. Cut a piece of ribbon and add 2 inches to the end to accommodate the clasp and knots that follow creating the accessory. Open up a jump ring and slide the focal bead or charm onto it. Close the jump ring and set the bead or charm aside until further notice.

Grab the scissors and trim each end of the ribbon until it forms a narrow point. Slide the focal bead onto the necklace and position it in the middle. Take one bead at a time and place it on the ribbon. Adjust accordingly.

Tape one end of the necklace to a fixed surface. Clutch the other end of the ribbon with one hand and thread it through the end of the clasp. Tie a tight knot and use the lighter to melt the end piece.

Untape the other end of the necklace. Attach the clasp, tie a knot and burn the end. Lay the ribbon out in front of you. Reposition the beads as necessary.

Grab the necklace with both hands and place it around your neck. Secure the clasp and pull tightly on the unexposed ribbon. If the knot is too loose, the necklace will come apart. If tied properly, it should remain intact.