How to Make Gothic Jewelry

Illustration by Ryn Gargulinski

You can make Gothic jewelry with a few simple jewelry supplies and some dark, brooding adornments. Items can range from large metal pendants to leather wrist bands adorned with bat wings. Any creepy choice is par for the course when you make Gothic jewelry. A few simple tips will guide you along this dark and delightful path.

Fashion a Gothic pendant. Use two thin, long pieces of metal debris--anything from a large screw to pieces of a metal fence--and wire them together to create your own cross. Glue a jewelry loop to the top and wear around your neck on a thick, heavy cord.

Make a leather wrist band sporting bat wings. Cut a leather strip about 2-inches wide and long enough to fit around your wrist with at least a 2-inch overlap. Fasten the ends of the wristband together with Velcro (sold at sewing or hardware stores). Cut another piece of leather into the shape of bat wings. Slather glue on the underside of the wings and hang by the center to dry, with the wings hanging down so they dry stiff and sticking up. Use more glue to secure the center of your wings to the top of the wristband. Add bat eyes with paint marker or beads if you really want a personal touch.

Bead it up. Shop for beads at your local craft or bead store. Obtain an array of dark burgundy, black, silver, clear and other brooding colors in unusual shapes. Also look for small skull beads, bones, small bats and other creepy shapes. If the beads you want are only available in a color you don’t like, you can always paint them silver or black. Thread the beads onto a jewelry wire or cord and secure with jewelry clasps or fasteners. If you want a thicker cord for threading the beads, look for beads with wide enough holes. You can create knots with the cord between beads for a heavier look. Beading can create necklaces, bracelets or even earrings by threading beads to dangle down and securing to an earring back with glue.

Create a choker. Cut a leather strip at least one inch thick and long enough to fit around your neck with at least a 2-inch overlap. Secure the overlap with Velcro fastening. You can add metal debris to the center of the choker as an adornment; just make sure it is not long and sharp and able to slice into your neck.