How to Make Free Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations

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Hello Kitty is a cute cartoon character of a white, girl kitten with a pretty bow, fun clothes and many friends. Hello Kitty invitation cards are often used for younger girls' parties—anything from a simple get-together to a slumber party or birthday party. You can make free invitations in a word processor such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer or WordPerfect. Simply incorporate an image of Hello Kitty into your design.


Launch Word. A new document opens.

Select the "Page Layout" tab and click the "Page Setup" dialog box launcher. Set all margins to "0.5" inches under the "Margins" tab. Go the "Paper" tab. Set width to "4" and height to "6" or width to "5" and height to "7" and click "OK."

Go to the Page Background group and "Page Layout" tab. Click "Watermark" and "Custom Watermark." Select "Picture Watermark" in the dialog box. Click the "Select Picture" button. The Insert Picture dialog box opens.

Find and double-click the Hello Kitty image you want to use. Set the scale to fill the page. To find the right scale, select one from the "Scale" drop-down menu and click "Apply" to preview it. Check "Washout" to make Hello Kitty, semi-transparent and click "OK."

Skip to section four to complete the birthday invitation.


Launch WordPerfect to open a new document.

Click "File" and "Page Setup" from the menu so a dialogue box opens. To set the page for a 4-by-6 card, go to the Printer page styles list and choose "Index Card" (4-by-6 inches). To set up a 5-by-7 card, click the "Add" button. The Add New Page Definition dialog box appears. Enter "7" for height and "5" for width and click "OK" twice.

Select "Insert," "Picture" and "From File" to insert Hello Kitty. Find and double-click the Hello Kitty image in the dialog box. Hello Kitty loads on your page. To enlarge the image, hold and pull a corner of the image. To reduce it, push it inward.

Skip to section four to complete the invite.

OpenOffice Writer

Start OpenOffice Writer. A new document opens.

Select "Format" and "Page" from the menu. The Page Style dialog box opens. Click the "Page" tab. Set height to "6" and width to "4" or height to "7" and width to "5" inches. Set all margins to "0.5" inches and click "OK."

Click "Insert," "Picture" and "From File" to open the Insert picture dialog box. Find and double-click the Hello Kitty image. Hold and pull one of the corners of the image on your page to enlarge it. Push it in to reduce it.

Go to the "Picture" toolbar and change the transparency to "75%." The image becomes semi-transparent.

Select the "Text" tool from the Drawing toolbar. Drag your mouse over Hello Kitty and draw a text box. A cursor flashes in the borderless text box you created. Skip to section four to complete the card.


Type in a Hello Kitty wording or use the following as a sample:

You're Invited to a Hello Kitty Slumber Party for [Name and Age] Birthday

Bring yourself and all things Hello Kitty

When: [Insert Date and Time] Place: [Insert Location's Name and Address]

Highlight the text. To format it in Word, click the "Home" tab and select a font, text size, font color and style from the Font group. To format it in WordPerfect, click "Font" and "Format" from the menu, pick the font, size, color and appearance and click "OK." To format it in OpenOffice, click "Font" and "Character" from the menu. Select a font, typeface and size from the "Font" tab and a font color from the "Font Effects" tab and click "OK."

Place your cards in the printer tray. Click the Office Button and "Print" to print them in Word, or "File" and "Print" to print them in WordPerfect or OpenOffice Writer. Enter the number of copies you want and click "OK."