How to Make Disco Party Clothes for Kids

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Black lights, beaded curtains and a metallic, mirrored disco ball are all must-haves if you are throwing a disco party for your kids. But to really party like it's 1977, request that guests dress up in classic '70s disco clothing. Dressing up in popular disco party clothes will give the kids a chance to relive the golden age of bell-bottoms and platform shoes. They will also get a kick out of seeing their peers dressed up in retro clothing. Use sequins to create an outfit that will work for either gender.

Unless your child already owns a pair, purchase a pair of wide-flared pants -- sometimes called bell-bottoms -- that are your child’s size. Opt for jeans or cotton bell-bottoms.

Starting at the waistline of the pants, hot-glue sequins until you reach the bottom hem of the pants. Cover every inch of the pants (front and back side) with sequins. Or, if you prefer to use less sequins, only hot-glue them to cover the front and back side of the flare of the pants at the bottom.

Hot-glue sequins to the lapels and the cuffs of the sleeves of a child-sized sport jacket. Or, if the weather is hot, hot-glue sequins to a T-shirt until it is covered.

Add some '70s accessories to complete the look, such as large plastic sunglasses, a sequined belt, a Farrah-Fawcett-style feathered wig, a brightly colored Afro wig, gold chains or a colorful head scarf. If possible, scour the thrift stores for a pair of kid-sized platform shoes to top it all off.