How to Make Bridal Shower Invitation Inserts

by Kristie Lorette ; Updated September 28, 2017

Make insert cards for your bridal shower invitations.

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Bridal showers tend to be more casual events. If you are on a budget, make your own bridal shower invitations. Create invitations that fit your event's theme and tone. A bridal shower invitation insert typically is an added page that provides more details about the shower, such as a map for guests to find the party venue or an added note about the shower. While the invitation insert does not need to be fancy, it should match the shower invitation's style.

Plan the details for the bridal shower invitation insert. Prepare the information in advance, selecting such details as the font size and the font style, which should match the font on the invitation. Print out a trial run on inexpensive printing paper to make sure it looks right and includes all the pertinent details.

Select the paper you want to use for the insert. The easiest type of invitation insert is a single unfolded page--it won't take up much space when you add it to the invitation and envelope. An unfolded page also lets you use finer paper. The better the paper, the more professional the invitation insert will appear. Unless the bridal shower is a formal event, the insert paper does not need to be of the highest quality. Choose vellum or parchment for wedding invitation inserts.

Select a template for the insert. Use your computer's word processing program to create your own or download a free template (see Resources).

Create the insert, using the template you selected. Once again, print out a trial run--this time with the template--on inexpensive printing paper. Review and proofread. Once you are satisfied, print out your invitation inserts.

Use a craft knife to trim the insert to size. Place the insert inside the invitation. Add both to the envelope to make sure it fits neatly.


  • Use a paper trimmer instead of a craft knife to create the inserts. If you plan to create more invitations in the future--or if you enjoy doing crafts as a hobby--you may want to invest in a paper trimmer. Paper trimmers generally range in price from about $30 to more than $150, so you should be able to find one that will fit your needs, as well as your budget.

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