Different Types of Invitations

Different types of invitations can be used for all sorts of events. When deciding on an invitation consider the nature of the event and the potential impact of the invitations on your budget. If your event is a formal one, like a wedding, you will probably want to have the invitations made by a professional. However, for informal events you may want to consider electronic or handwritten invitations.


Handwritten invitations are usually sufficient for small, intimate affairs where the guest list is under 50. Examples of this include luncheons, private receptions and small dinner parties. Handwritten invitations take extra time and commitment so they are not best suited for larger parties. Hand-write invitations on pretty pieces of stationery or plain white paper. Choose a quote from a famous author or make up your own slogan to add as an introduction into the invite. Handwritten invitations make for a more personal touch so feel free to add an individual note for each invited guest.

Electronic Invitations

Today we send almost everything electronically. The same can be true for invitations. Electronic invitations save resources such as paper and stamps and provide a quick way to get a message across. These are especially helpful if you are planning an event that is last minute and you do not have time to mail the invitations. Many online sites offer electronic invitations and once you choose one you can enter in several of your contacts at the same time. Once you hit send everyone on the list receives your invitation. Some sites even let you know when your invitation has been read so you are can be sure it reached the guest.

Wedding Invitations

Some occasions require formal invitations and a wedding is one of those times. Wedding invitations can be bought in a variety of colors, styles and choices. They range in cost from the conservative to the outrageous depending on your choice of paper and design. Most wedding invitations come with a reply card and a separate mailing envelope. In most cases wedding invitations are sent through the mail but they can be hand delivered. Wedding invitations include information on where and when the wedding and the reception will be held and include a note to RSVP.

Party Invitations

You will probably want to send out a party invitation if you are celebrating a birthday, graduation or promotion. Party invitations can be found in numerous varieties ranging from serious and sentimental to funny and cynical. Party invitations can also be handmade. Remember to include when and where the party is located and provide a phone number so your guests can RSVP. If you are planning your party well in advance you may want to mail out your invitations, but if the party is just around the corner consider hand-delivering the party invitations.