How to Make Baby Socks Change Purse,,

Baby sock change purses can be an adorable shower present or just a neat way to remind yourself to "sock away" your loose change. You can make one in as little as 10 minutes, which makes them ideal last minute gifts or baby shower favors. In this article, we will discuss how to make a baby socks change purse.

Lay a baby sock flat on the table. It should be a clean, unused sock with a cute pattern. If you have selected a lacy anklet sock, then turn the sock down so that the lace is not at the top of the sock.

Cut a slit about an inch long on either side of the sock. This will make room for the hinge on the metal clasp.

Position the change purse clasp so that the top edges of the sock fit in the metal grooves of the clasp. The groove is meant to hold the material at the top of the change purse. In this case, it will be holding the edges of the ankle hole.

Press the metal edges tightly together using the pliers. This will hold the sock firmly in place and enable you to shut the purse tightly so that change cannot escape.

Fix the ends of the clasp to the sock with the needle and thread. There will be at least one small hole at each end of the change purse clasp. Use the needle and thread to firmly attach the ends of the clasp to the sock for added durability.

Decorate with rhinestone accents. Sparkly rhinestones are a good way to customize your baby socks change purse and add pizazz to your cute new look.