How to Make a Racerback Tank From a T-Shirt Images

T-shirts are often printed with artsy graphics or interesting designs, but sometimes the shapes of these tees aren't flattering. Turn an ill-fitting T-shirt into a custom-made racerback tank in just a few steps. You won't even need a sewing machine. Instead, pick up a pair of scissors and chalk to begin transforming a T-shirt into a one-of-a-kind racerback that you'll be proud to wear.

Turn your T-shirt inside out and lay it on a flat surface.

Draw a scoop neck on the front of the shirt with a piece of chalk. Mark a curved line from the top of the shoulder seam down to the armpit on either side of the shirt. This notes how wide the armholes will be in the front.

Turn over the shirt and draw the shape of the racerback. This style has a Y-shaped strap in the back, including a scoop down the back and arm holes that extend over the shoulder blades. Trace the outline of a racerback you already have, if needed.

Cut along the marked chalk lines with a pair of sharp scissors. Keep in mind that the back and front of the shirt will have a different pattern, so don't cut through both sides of the material at once.

Turn the racerback right-side out and try it on. Decide if you're happy with the shape. If not, mark with chalk what you want to adjust, such as making the arm holes deeper, the scoop neck longer or the racerback straps thinner. Take off the shirt and cut as needed.