How to Make a Lemon Centerpiece With Water in a Vase

Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images

A lemon-inspired table centerpiece makes bright and fragrant table decor. Combine the lemons with fresh flowers in a vase for an eye-catching and creative centerpiece. While the fruity table decor will work for any type of celebration, it's especially appropriate for summertime birthday bashes and baby and bridal showers. The vibrant yellow decor piece will add a juicy pop of color to a drab table featuring a white tablecloth, napkins and plates.

Cut fresh lemons into 1-inch thick slices and discard the end portions; the amount of lemon slices that you need will depend on the vase size.

Fill a circular or square vase with water and the lemon slices.

Choose fresh flowers to use in the centerpiece. Pick flowers that match the lemon slices, such as yellow daisies or roses, for a cohesive look. Use blooms featuring bright, contrasting colors, such as pink peonies or purple hydrangeas, for added vibrancy. Cut the flower stems at a mix of 1 and 2 inches higher than the depth of the vase for a varied appearance. Insert the flowers into the vase. Place the taller stems in the middle and the shorter ones around the sides or mix the flowers up for variety.

Surround the centerpiece with small glass candle holders filled with yellow citrus-scented candles to give the table ambiance and a fresh fragrance.