How to Make a Baby Shower Gift Basket

by Hillary Marshall

Include small layette items in a baby shower gift basket.

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Making a baby shower gift basket is an excellent way to give a personalized gift. The basket can include items for baby and for mom. When you're putting the basket together, you might want to choose a theme, like bath time accessories, or include a mix of things, perhaps highlighting the baby's gender. If the parents haven't revealed the gender, stick with general layette items and items with neutral colors.

Choose a basket. Make sure the basket is large enough to accommodate all the items you'll be putting in it. You might consider using a laundry basket, so the recipient can reuse it. If you're making a bath-themed basket, you might consider using a baby bathtub instead of a basket.

Select items to go in the baby shower gift basket. Buy items in varying sizes and packaging so your basket is more visually appealing and easy to arrange. The larger items will likely be your focal point so choose them wisely. For instance, if you are doing a diaper-themed basket, you might buy diapers, wipes, rash cream, powder and a diaper bag. A bath-themed basket might include hooded towels, baby wash, lotion, wash cloths, books for bath time and rubber ducks. Alternatively, you might want to do a spa-themed basket for mom that includes candles, lotion, bath salts -- and perhaps robes for both mom and baby.

Line the basket. Use something that's soft like a baby pillow, diapers or blanket on the very bottom of your basket.

Arrange the items in your gift basket. Place larger items toward the back of the basket, medium-sized items in the middle of the basket and smaller items in the front. Pack your basket tightly, so the items stay in place.

Wrap the basket in cellophane to protect the items. Tie the cellophane closed using ribbon. If necessary trim any excess cellophane off the top. Tie a rattle or other cute baby toy on to the front of the basket with ribbon to give it a more decorative look.


  • If the mom-to-be has a baby registry at a store consider using the registry to find items for your gift basket.

    You can purchase basket-making items, like cellophane and ribbon, at a craft or dollar store.


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