How to Grow Sideburns

How to Grow Sideburns. Growing sideburns is a timeless art mastered by many throughout history. Elvis and James Dean mastered it in the 1950s and so did Luke Perry in his 1990 glory days. Some men don't know where to start. Learn to grow the sideburns you've always wanted and raise your cool factor with some well-grown facial hair.

Take a vacation or grow your sideburns during the summer. Experiment while you are away from work or school. This gives you time to get used to your new facial hair and also lets you get through the beginning, messy stages.

Stop shaving. Leave your entire face alone for about four weeks. If your facial hair grows slowly, wait about six weeks. You'll be tempted to shape and trim your sideburns but resist the urge. You don't want to take off too much hair in areas where you'll need it later.

Choose the sideburns' shape and length. What looks best on you depends on the shape of your face. If your face is long and thin, keep the sideburns full to help fill out your face. If your face is round and full, keep the sideburns shorter and avoid hair on your jaw line. If your jaw is square, keep the sideburns narrow.

Shave the rest of your face with a razor and shaving cream. Keep only the sideburn hair. Shave slowly and keep the sideburns a little bigger than you actually want them. Use a beard trimmer to trim the sideburns down. Work slowly to keep the sideburns even in both length and fullness.

Maintain the sideburns. Shave the rest of your face regularly to make the sideburns more noticeable.