How to Get Your Wedding in Jet Magazine

by Hillary Cirillo ; Updated September 28, 2017

JET Magazine, known online as, is an online daily magazine that seeks to create an online platform for exploring issues that impact African-Americans, as well as how African-Americans impact the world. JET Magazine is also available in print form on a weekly basis, publishing articles that range from celebrity profiles to style and living to profiles of real people and their weddings. JET Magazine features weddings in its \"Love and Happiness\" section each week.

Gather all of the information needed to submit a wedding to JET Magazine, type up the information on one, easy-to-read piece of paper. You will need to send: A clear, full-color photo of the bride and groom that shows their faces entirely; the full names, address and phone number of the bride and groom; the location of the honeymoon; the education and occupation details for the bride and groom; the location of the wedding, including the city and state in which couple married; any details on where the couple plans to reside permanently.

Write the name of the bride and groom, their phone number, and address on the back of a clear, full-color photo. JET Magazine does not accept black and white wedding photos.

Send the information and the full-color photo to JET Love & Happiness?, 820 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605. Once received, and editorial panel will review every wedding for consideration, then select weddings that will appear in JET Magazine.


  • Never submit a photo that you require to be mailed back. JET Magazine does not return photos. Always include as much contact information as possible. This is helpful if JET Magazine would like to get in touch with the bride and groom.

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