How to Get VIP Tickets

VIP tickets can be moderately difficult to obtain, because fewer VIP tickets are available than standard tickets. It is important to do the legwork necessary to purchase VIP tickets to an event you want to attend. From concerts to "Farewell" tours meant to send your favorite singer off into retirement to sports games, individuals, groups and organizations can all purchase VIP tickets. (In some but not all cases, VIP packages are available.)

Go to the Ticketmaster VIP website or contact Ticketmaster by phone at (800) 653-8000. The website provides VIP tickets as well as VIP packages for purchase through the website or by calling the toll-free number provided. Music, sports, arts and theatre VIP tickets are available and can be obtained by performing a search by name of the event, city location or artist name.

Go to the VIP Tickets website (see "Resources" below). Obtain concert, theatre and sports VIP tickets by searching the VIP Tickets website or viewing a calendar of events using a city name. Enter a theatre production, for example, in the search box and click "Search." The type of event will appear with the available VIP ticket dates that can be purchased through the website, which accepts major credit cards.

Go to (see "Resources" below). Purchase sports, concerts and theatre tickets using any major credit card. Enter an artist, team, city or venue in the search box and click "Search." You may also search for events scheduled for a particular city. VIP tickets are available for each artist, team, city or venue that is listed as a search result.

Contact the venue at which the event will take place. Go to the Yellow Pages website to obtain the company's reservation or public relations phone number. (If you do not know the event location, go online and enter the name of the artist with the city where you expect the event to occur. For example, enter "Artist A + Cincinnati.") Ask the promoter if VIP tickets are available and how they can be purchased. If VIP tickets are not available for purchase, ask if any VIP tickets will be raffled off or if any will be part of a radio giveaway (request the name and call numbers of the radio station).

Contact local radio stations about VIP ticket giveaways, raffles and other contests. Provide the name of the artist and express interest in winning VIP tickets. Obtain contest rules and participate as directed. This step yields a smaller rate of success, requires greater effort and may not result in VIP tickets.