How to Get My Baby in Magazines

So you think your baby should be in magazines? Many parents feel they have a baby cute enough to do advertising. In many cases, this is true, but it takes more than cute looks to get your baby into magazines. You're going to need to be determined, and you'll have to actively pursue this avenue in a professional manner. There are many steps and options available to help you get your baby into magazines if you have the patience to stick with it. Learn how you can get your baby in magazines for an early start in what might turn into a promising career for your little one.

Take photos of your baby. Keep them natural. A couple of 8x10 photos and a disc of photos taken with a digital camera are fine. You can dress your baby by theme for some of the photographs, but for the most part, talent agencies are going to want to see your baby in his or her natural state. These are the photographs you'll use to introduce your baby to talent agencies when you seek representation.

Locate a talent agency that can represent you and your baby and help find him or her work in magazines. There are a number of agencies available that specialize in babies (see resources). Most of these agencies have websites that give detailed instructions about getting your baby signed with them. They will typically ask you to mail a few photographs. Follow the submission guidelines and submit only what the agency asks. They will contact you if they're interested in considering signing a contract involving your child.

Consider entering your baby in photograph contests. These contests often give out big cash prizes, free professional photo shoots, and sometimes modeling contracts. Photo contests are a good way to introduce your baby to the photography world and to build an early resume.