How to Find the Right Color Blush for Fair Skin

Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

If you are fair skinned, finding just the right shade of blush can be a challenge. Colors that are too dark can make you look washed out and too made up. Colors that are too light or not in the right color family can make you look almost ill. Get on the path to the right color by exploring ways to make blush work with your fair skin instead of against it.

Figure out just how fair-skinned you are on a scale of 1 to 10. The best way to determine how fair you are is to go to a beauty counter at your local department store and ask them to rate you based on 1 to 10. They may even have a few suggestions for blush colors, but don't purchase just yet. Do take samples if they offer them.

Figure out if you have yellow or rose undertones to your skin. Get two sheets of paper, one a bright yellow or orange and the other a pink or rose color. Hold first one and then the other up to your face as you look in the mirror. For most people, one sheet will wash them out and the other will bring out their color. The sheet that brings out your color indicates your undertones. Pink or rose bring out your color? You have rose undertones and should stick with rose colored blushes. If the sheet that is yellow or orange brings out your color, then you likely have yellow undertones and may want to go with peaches and corals.

Purchase a large, fluffy makeup brush to apply your blush. Gather several shades that you think match your skin tone and undertones and try them out. It is best if you can see how they appear in bright, natural light or ask an honest friend to give you input.