How to Find Rolfs Men's Wallets

by Samantha Herman ; Updated September 28, 2017

If your significant other has pledged allegiance to a certain brand or product, you know exactly what to give as a gift. However, knowing what to give is only half the battle. You also have to know where to get the gift. If what you seek are Rolfs men's wallets, there are a number of stores and websites that carry the product, including Kohl's, Muldoon's Men's Wear, and, of course, the Rolfs Canterbury online store.

Visit the Rolfs Canterbury website directly to order a wallet (see the resources section below).

Visit the Kohl's website to see if the online store has the Rolfs Classic Trifold Leather Wallet in stock. Call the Kohl's in your area if you plan to pick up the wallet in person. also carries Rolf wallets. Visit their site to see if the online store has the Rolfs Bifold Wallet in stock.

Another choice is, and some of the Bon-Ton stores.

Finally, consider Muldoon's Men's Wear. Their online store is located at


  • Of the store examples, has the least expensive Rolfs wallets with the most amount of styles available, second only to the Rolfs website. Meanwhile, Kohl's is nearly as expensive as the Rolfs website and offers the least number of styles.

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