How to Find a Couple's Wedding Registry

How to Find a Couple's Wedding Registry. As a guest of a wedding, you are usually expected to bring a gift. Most couples nowdays register at a store of their choice and have a list of items that they want. This allows you to choose something off this list and be sure they will enjoy it. To learn how to find a couple's wedding registry, follow these steps.

Ask the couple where they are registered. You can also wait for an invitation to the wedding shower. Most couples put this information at the bottom or on the back of the shower card.

Go to the store where the couple is registered. Sometimes the couple's registry may even be posted at a store's website. Look online for the store and the registry list.

Locate the registry station inside the store where the couple is registered. Often there is a computer with the information on it located at the front of the store or near customer service.

Search the gift registry by typing in information about the couple. Most computers ask for the date of the wedding and/or the couple's last and first names. Bring your invitation along so you know the correct spelling of their names.

Print out the wedding registry to take with you throughout the store. This will give you exact stock numbers and specific information about each item on the list.