How to Find a Bridal Registry at Bed Bath & Beyond

by Nicole Newman ; Updated September 28, 2017

A gift registry is a convenient tool for wedding guests.

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While navigating a website in search of a bridal registry can be frustrating, finding the list is a convenient way to purchase something the newlyweds will enjoy. When the gift is purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond, the store will check off your purchase to prevent duplicates, giving the couple more time for romance instead of returning gifts.

Go to the Bed, Bath and Beyond website and click on Find a Registry.

Type in the first and last name of the bride. Enter the groom's name if your search is invalid.

Click on the name of the registrants to view their registry. You will see the desired gifts, the requested quantity, their prices and whether the item has been purchased.


  • You can purchase your gift online and have it shipped to the couple.

    If you prefer to visit the store, locate the bridal registry kiosk and follow the same steps you would online. You can then print the list. Be sure to give the registry list to the cashier to help prevent gift duplication.

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  • wedding celebration image by Warren Millar from

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