How to File Complaints With McDonald's

McDonald's has been building restaurants around the world since 1955. The franchise restaurants are run by individuals, but each restaurant must uphold the standards that are set forth by the McDonald's corporation. If you have a complaint about wait times for receiving your order or a problem with the food taste or quality, you can file a complaint with McDonald's corporate office to try to resolve your issues.

Fill out a feedback form at The form is called “Restaurant Feedback.”

Click on the “Restaurant Locator” button. A pop up window opens asking for your city and state or zip code. Enter the zip code or city and state of the restaurant you want to file a complaint about and click “Search Now." On the next page, find the address for the restaurant. Type that address into the first box under “Restaurant Address."

Type in the city where the restaurant is located and select the state from the drop down menu on the next line of the form. On the line that says, “Landmark," briefly describe the area around the restaurant.

Use the calendar to provide a date when you visited the McDonald's restaurant. Next to the date, use the drop down menu to select a time. Check the circle indicating whether you used the drive-thru or went inside the restaurant.

Explain your complaint in the “Comments regarding your visit” box using 1,500 characters. Describe what happened or explain your concern the best you can while giving as many details as possible.

Input your name and address in the boxes below the comment area. Type in how you want to be contacted by someone from McDonald's. Enter your email and/or a telephone number and the best time to contact you regarding your complaint.

Click “Continue” to submit your complaint.