How to Dress When Attending a College Graduation Ceremony (Male)

How to Dress When Attending a College Graduation Ceremony (Male). It's time to attend a college graduation ceremony and you're not sure whether to show up in your favorite t-Shirt or a first class suit. Here are a few key factors to determine proper dress for a college graduation ceremony.

Ask yourself what kind of person it is that you are going to see graduate. You should be there to show support, not show your hind quarters.

Invest in something that meets the requirements of casual best. This is the bare minimum you want to show up with when attending any college graduation ceremony.

Consider the merits of spritzing up something fierce as there will likely be a number of attractive young ladies in the area.

Shave and groom before you leave the house. Scruff might look sexy at the bar while sitting over cocktails, but it makes you look like a bum when everyone around you has taken the time to dress attractively for a college graduation ceremony.

Invest in a handsome but comfortable pair of shoes. Tight shoes make for bad days when you might have to doze your way through an overlong commencement speech.

Skip the tie if the ceremony is outdoors and it's likely to be warm weather. Sweating through your oxford is hardly a way to bring the ceremony off with that certain gentlemanly dash.