How to Dress Western

Although the days of life in the unconquered West are over, the passion for Western clothing remains. Whether you’re creating a new look for attendance at a line-dancing class or you’re simply curious to try a new style, mixing classic pieces with inspired accessories can ensure you stand out for all the right reasons. Make a notable fashion statement by incorporating Western wear into your repertoire.

Delve beyond Western-wear stereotypes. Realize that dressing Western doesn’t mean you have to imitate a cowboy in a classic Western film. While traditional Western wear was born out of necessity, today’s clothing combines the rugged elements of the past with modern flair. Choose from a variety of popular styles that include urban cowboy, rodeo-ready and Tex-Mex. Identify your comfort zone to gain confidence in your new look.

Gain inspiration from pop culture. Follow in the footsteps of trailblazing country artists such as Johnny Cash and Tim McGraw. Both of these artists wore Western clothing without compromising their individuality. Take notes from popular television shows such as “Dallas” and “The Dukes of Hazzard,” as these shows inspired the masses to embrace Western-style clothing.

Capture attention with denim jeans. Pay homage to the rough, yet sleek look of the versatile material. Choose denim pieces in hues that span the color spectrum. Suitable options include wearing form-fitting jeans with ripped or worn knee patches or creating customized jean shorts. Many jean companies provide stylish options in a variety of cuts including slim-fit and boot-cut.

Wear shirts that display your pioneer spirit. Suitable options include plaid, denim and corduroy collared shirts. These shirts work well when paired with Western accessories. Monogram shirt pockets with your initials for additional style points.

Embrace Western-style embellishments. Suitable flourishes include fringe, decorative beading and hand-sewn patterns. Frayed edges, worn knee-patches and elbow padding also enhance the appeal of Western outfits. Choose items with premade embellishments or add your own inspired designs. Use classic items such as cowboy hats, leather belts and bolo ties to pull outfits together. Kick up your appeal with leather or snakeskin boots. Pick out a large belt buckle to polish off casual or formal outfits.