How to Do Underhand Goddess Braids

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Give yourself a Grecian goddess-inspired look with underhand goddess braids. Underhand goddess braids lay flat on your head, in comparison to other braid styles. The look of goddess braids is unique and elegant, making it perfect for a night out on the town. Getting perfectly styled braids may require a little extra practice in your braiding technique, but the result will be well worth it.

Comb hair thoroughly to get rid of any tangles. Apply the hair mousse and comb it through your entire head of hair from root to tip, for full application. The mousse will help hold your style better and help avoid any fly-aways.

Part your hair down the middle of your head. Tie one half of your hair into a ponytail and leave the other half loose.

Take a small section from the front of the loose hair, about ½-inch wide. Divide that section into three equal parts; left, right and center.

Initiate your braid by taking the right piece of hair and crossing it under the center (to the left) so it becomes the center strand; the center strand becomes the right strand. Take the left strand and cross it under the center so it now becomes the center strand.

Hold the strands tightly and feed new pieces of hair to the center strand by picking up new pieces from the hair underneath your center section and merging it with your braid by repeating Step 3.

Continue with the braiding pattern until you run out of hair to add to your center section and tie an elastic band around the end of braid to hold it in place.

Take the other half of unbraided hair out of its ponytail and follow the same instructions in Steps 3 through 6 for creating a braid. When you run out of hair to braid, take the elastic band off the end of your first braid and wrap both braids around each other. Create a braided bun at the nape of your neck with the wrapped braids. Use bobby pins to help hold your bun in place. Spray hair sheen spray onto your hair.