How to Braid from the Root

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Braided hairstyles, such as cornrows, offer the wearer a variety of styles that stay in place for weeks at a time. Braids can be designed in multiple hairstyles and can be loose as well as against the scalp. Knowing how to get the most out of a braided hairstyle will depend on how tight the braid is able to be made and how close to the root the braid begins. Braiding from the root is not difficult with the right products and tools.

Wash hair, apply and leave in conditioner throughout the hair. The hair does not need to be completely dry to begin braiding hair.

Comb through the hair with a wide tooth comb, making sure to detangle the hair and divide hair into sections and combing through each separate section of hair.

Part hair in the direction in which the hair will be braiding, securing portions of hair that may be in the way, but not being braided at this time with a rubber band. Using the fine tooth comb, part loose hair into small sections as desired for the size of the braid.

Brush through hair that is about to be braided to smooth it and remove any remaining tangles or strands of hair that may be out of place.

As close to the root as possible to the root, grab a small section of hair and divide the hair into three even sections. Starting with the hair in the right hand, cross the section of hair over the middle section of hair where now the hair from the right is now in the middle (and vice versa). Follow the same step with the section of hair on the left, where the left becomes the middle section and the hair that was put in the middle is now on the left side.

Tighten each braided section as close to the scalp as possible each time the sections of hair are crossed over each other. Follow these same steps until the entire parted section of hair is fully braided. Secure the ends with rubber bands as needed.