How to Make an Invisible Ponytail With a Bang

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An invisible ponytail, also known as an inside ponytail, is a woven hairpiece intended to make a ponytail look fuller and thicker. Invisible ponytail hairstyles last up to two weeks and are constructed using adhesive hair wefts. The chosen weft should be as close to your natural hair color as possible in order to look the most natural. However, purchasing a lighter weft will produce a highlighted effect. These extensions are appropriate for those with thin, fragile hair, as they work to add thickness and volume.

Separate your bangs from the rest of your hairstyle. Though bangs and invisible ponytails are not mutually exclusive hairstyles, you must keep the bangs separate so that they remain free from the updo.

Locate the point on your head where you want the base of the ponytail to be and gather your hair in your hand over that spot.

With a pin-tail comb, which has a very thin metal point, draw a circle around the ponytail's base, keeping the comb close to your scalp. Draw the circle about 2 inches from your natural hairline all the way around. This should provide you with a solid circular parting all the way around your head, leaving fringes of hair all the way around your ponytail.

Secure the base of the ponytail close to your head with a hair elastic. Comb out the surrounding hairs on the outside of the circular parting.

Position your hair weft around the base of the ponytail, pushing the adhesive into place on your hair. This process can either be done with several short hair wefts or one long weft that you wrap around the ponytail.

Continue wrapping the weft or adding rows of extensions until the base of the ponytail is covered almost up to the circular parting. Press the roots of the weft against your scalp once it is in place to ensure that the hold will be stable.

Straighten your natural hair within the ponytail and remove the elastic band.

Straighten the hair that was brushed out of the ponytail and smooth it over the top of your scalp. Rub a dollop of beeswax or gel between your hands and smooth it into place. It should now cover the roots of the extensions. This process will help keep the style smooth and stable for as long as possible.

Pull your hair into a ponytail and tie it into place, ensuring that the positioning is the same as the initial ponytail you created. Remove the salon clip and straighten your bangs to complete the style.