How to Do Twist Extensions

photo by Kevin Stewart Photography

Kinky twist extensions are a very popular style, but until now, it has been difficult to do yourself. Sure you can have a professional do it, if you don't mind not being able to blink for 2 weeks, losing half of your hairline, and forking over a couple hundred dollars. So if you would like to do this style on your own, follow my simple instructions.

Purchase kinky extension hair. In this case, Kanakelon that has been texturized works best. It comes in many different packages and names, so just look for packaged hair that looks like dreadlocks.

Part off a section of hair to be twisted.

Taking a section of artificial hair, fold the artificial hair in half and wrap the center around the section of hair on your head. At this point, you will have 4 sections in your hands ready for braiding.

Combine one section of the hair on your head and one section of the extension hair so that you have 3 sections ready for braiding.

Braid the hair for 3 or 4 links.

Combine the lone strand of your hair with the lone strand extension hair, so that you have 2 sections in your hand.

Begin twisting the two remaining sections while twirling the strands between your fingers at the same time to ensure that the fake hair and real hair do not separate.