How to Do Rope Braids

altrendo images/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Rope braiding hairstyles might look intricate, but in fact they are quite simple to do and do not require any traditional braiding skills. Rope braids are formed by twisting pieces of hair over one another allowing them to bind together similar to a rope. You can do rope braids on the end of a ponytail or if you’re feeling ambitious you can do a rope braid starting from the crown of the head like a French braid.

Comb through all the hair and remove any tangles and secure the hair in a ponytail.

Separate the ponytail into three strands. Hold two sections in the left hand and one section in the right.

Wind the strand of hair in your right hand until it is about the length of your index finger and switch so the three strands of hair are in your right hand, still separated by your fingers. Be sure to hold tightly to the wound strand so it doesn’t unravel.

Bring the wound strand over the other two so it is on the left hand side. Then, switch the wound strand and the nearest non-wound strand to the left hand.

Wind the strand of hair on the right, using your right hand. Repeat the above steps, moving the wound strand over the others to the left and twisting the strand on the right. The braid will wind itself into a rope-like style.