How to Decorate a Sombrero

Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images

A well-decorated sombrero is bound to grab anyone's attention. Invented by Mexican cowboys, sombreros have been around for centuries. Decorating one can be an enjoyable craft project for party-goers celebrating a Mexican-themed birthday, Mexican food-themed party or Cinco de Mayo. People can decorate the hats in a number of ways with a selection of readily available craft supplies.

Wrap colorful ribbon around the hat’s crown or brim, holding it in place with a hot glue gun.

Attach sequins to the sombrero along various parts of the brim and crown. Use glue or sew them on with a needle and thread. Arrange the sequins in patterns, making shiny designs such as a cactus, chili pepper or other item that has some Latin flavor.

Place dots of glue onto colored pom-poms and press into place around the sombrero’s bottom rim. As an alternative, attach the pom-pom to a thread, and sew the thread through the brim, leaving it hanging. When the wearer walks, the pom-poms will move around.

Use high-gloss acrylic paint along with a fine-tipped paintbrush to create patterns and designs on any part of the sombrero. Paint a wavy line around the brim or depict the scene of a fiesta covering the entire hat.

Attach cutout pictures depicting a Mexican theme to the sombrero. Glue the pictures to various locations on the hat. Cover the pictures with an additional layer of glue to seal them into place.

Arrange a collection of pins or buttons on the hat. Stick the pin through any portion of the hat to attach it. Place the arrangement in a pattern for an organized look or at random.

Incorporate three-dimensional objects on the sombrero. Attach plastic chili peppers to a string and tie it around the hat’s crown.