How to Cut Your Shirt to Make It Off-The-Shoulder


0:04 hi I'm Angela with freestyle fashionista

0:07 and today I'm going to show you how to

0:09 cut your shirt to make it off the

0:10 shoulder here's a shirt that is an

0:12 off-the-shoulder look and I'm going to

0:14 show you how to create the look the only

0:15 two things you'll need is a t-shirt

0:17 obviously or any top and a pair of

0:20 fabric scissors this is a really easy

0:23 process all you want to do is take the

0:25 shirt fold it in half the reason why I

0:28 always like to do it this way is because

0:30 it guarantees a symmetrical cut it's

0:33 hard to cut a straight line and a

0:34 horseshoe anything this makes your life

0:37 easier

0:38 alright measure two fingers from the

0:41 collar do a little snip and then you

0:46 just want to cut all the way around to

0:49 get back to the front of the shirt and

0:52 this is a great starting point this

0:55 should be enough to make the shirt off

0:57 the shoulders depending upon how broad

0:59 your shoulders are obviously if you need

1:01 to cut a little bit more that's fine but

1:03 it's always good to cut smart cut less

1:05 because you can never add back and that

1:09 is the I would call one two step process

1:12 this shirt cut this way is how he'll end

1:16 up getting this look thank you so much

1:18 for watching

1:18 I'm Angela have a great day