How to Cut My Beard Square Images

The ultimate symbol and sum of everything manly is the growth of a thick, illustrious beard. Unfortunately, this is not a natural occurrence in many men, so grooming your beard to appropriate sizes and lengths is important, especially when professional standards dictate tasteful facial hair. The act of squaring a beard is also known as designing a neckline for the beard, and it is where a majority of newcomers make their mistakes.

Wait at least four weeks from the time you begin beard growth. During this time, your facial hair may begin to look disheveled, but it is important not to cut it too soon. Not only may you cut it too high, but it may also look out of place to have a well trimmed, very short beard.

Take a picture of yourself from the side in a mirror and open it in a computer program like Microsoft Paint if you have problems visualizing the next steps.

Imagine (or draw) a curved line coming down from behind each ear and meeting at a point below your chin. This will form the lower boundary of you beard.

Imagine (or draw) a line coming straight down, parallel to the back edge of your sideburns. This will for the left and right boundaries of your beard.

Round out the edge where the two lines intersect slightly to give your beard a more natural shape.

Use a beard trimmer or a sharp razor with shaving cream with these lines in mind to tastefully and correctly square off your beard.