How to Make Beards Softer

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Much thought isn't typically given to the care of beards beyond trimming and cleaning. Since facial hair is traditionally coarser than the hair on your head, it can feel dry and rough. While washing and trimming keep your beard looking clean and presentable, facial hair can become dry, affecting the look and feel of it. Take measures to make and keep your beard soft to improve its appearance and result in more touchable facial hair.

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Shampoo your beard when you shower or bathe. Use a shampoo for dry hair, if your beard is especially dry and coarse, then rinse it off.

Condition your beard. Allow the conditioner to remain on the facial hair for one minute. Rinse the conditioner off and towel dry your beard.

Comb your beard to remove loose hairs. Rub a few drops of preshave oil into your facial hair to act as a leave-in conditioner. Since preshave oil is made for the skin, it's safe to use and leave on your beard all day.

Keep your beard neat and trimmed. Even the hair of your beard can get split ends if it's dry enough. Regular trimming, no matter how long your beard is, prevents dry split ends from occurring.