How to Cut a T-Shirt With Lines on the Sides


0:05 hi there this is mo of MO West creations

0:08 today I'm going to show you how to cut a

0:11 shirt with lines on the side so to start

0:15 with you want to lay out your shirt with

0:18 the first side you're doing side seam

0:22 perfectly laid out flat you want to make

0:26 sure there's no wrinkles there's a tag

0:28 inside cut it out first thing you want

0:39 to do is pick your shirt and lay it out

0:43 so that your sides are completely smooth

0:50 no wrinkles from the side seams

1:06 then take your other side scene lay it

1:09 out smooth flip it over

1:12 line them up make sure that you don't

1:15 get any wrinkles happening on any of the

1:17 layers try and line them up really good

1:35 next thing you want to do is take a

1:37 ruler and lay it out along the side if

1:44 you want to you can turn the shirt

1:48 inside out before you mark it but I'm

1:52 just going to do it on the outside so

1:57 I'm going to line it up so that it's one

2:01 inch in from the side seams which will

2:04 make two inch slits so starting at the

2:08 armpit I will mark just a dot at every

2:17 inch

2:34 you don't want to cut over the hem or

2:38 into the arm next thing you want to do

2:43 is get those same dots right along the

2:53 edge just every inch or two inches or

3:00 half inch however thick you want your

3:02 lines to be

3:12 once you have that double check make

3:17 sure your smooth all layers and cut just

3:33 make straight cuts from the first dot to

3:38 the second dot alright so once you've

4:03 done that the next thing you want to do

4:06 and this is really important with all

4:09 t-shirt cutting is stretch these out so

4:14 that the edges curl just give each one

4:20 give each one a little stretch how to

4:26 cut a t-shirt with lines on the sides

4:30 this has been mo west of mo West

4:33 creations ciao

4:39 you