How to Customize a Varsity Jacket

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A varsity jacket is a lasting memory of high school or college days for your son or daughter. Even if your child did not play sports or letter in anything, he or she can still customize a jacket with symbols of their scholastic experience, including academic achievement, clubs and extracurricular activities. There are many different styles of varsity jackets, so your student can surely find one that fits his or her personal style. Take care in helping them to customize their jacket, as it is likely to be an item they pass onto their children one day.

Order the jacket in the style and size you want. Varsity jackets are available in school colors through athletic companies or class memento companies. You can also purchase a varsity jacket at a local sporting goods store that does business with your child's school.

Have the jacket embroidered with the name of your school and your child's graduation year and name. Again, a local sporting good2 or embroidery shop can help you with this task. Depending on the type of jacket your child has selected, the name of the school will go on the back of the jacket or on the hood. A nameplate with your child's first and last name can be added to the front, near the bottom of the jacket on the waist band. The graduation year usually goes on the sleeve of the jacket.

Have the names of any teams, activities or clubs your child participated embroidered on the back of the jacket. Extracurricular activities, academic honorary fraternities, clubs or sports teams are a source of pride for most students. Including a record of what your child participated in will help him remember all the good times he had.

Attach any varsity letters, award patches or other symbols of high school activities to the jacket using a needle and thread. Varsity letters usually go over the heart on the jacket. Patches for academic honorary fraternities and other activities go on the sleeve.

Attach any pins your child has been given from activities to the jacket. You can place these on the front, back or hood of the jacket, as you so desire. Clubs such as student council, band or yearbook will often give a student a yearly pin to commemorate the experience. Including these pins on your child's varsity jacket is an important record of high school or college achievement.