How to Create a Beautiful Breakfast Nook


One of the more neglected spaces in a typical home is the breakfast nook. Since it's usually a small hideaway or an offshoot from the kitchen, the nook can easily become a mail repository, a makeshift closet or a museum of mismatched furniture. And where's the fun in that? Prevent the pile-up and turn the area into a modern and beautiful place to eat, socialize and relax. With a few additions — like some crafty pillows, bright artwork and unique lighting — your breakfast nook will become your favorite corner of the house.

A Fruit Basket Worthy of Display

No breakfast nook would be complete without a bowl full of fruit, and this mid-century modern fruit basket provides a place for your apples and pears that is both chic and functional. Grab a shallow basket, some hairpin legs and a few tools, and your fruit will have a new home in no time flat.

Francesca Stone

Dress Up Your Walls With Canvas Prints

Showcase your favorite photos by turning them into canvas prints. All you need to do is outfit your photos as high-resolution prints. Then, get handy with some veneer, a paintbrush and a wrapped canvas for a gallery wall that will bring interest and color to the nook.

Carrie Waller

Transform a Plain Ikea Basket

Having blankets or cushions to cozy up your breakfast nook is a definite must, and with this Ikea basket hack you will have a clever way to store them. With a few beads, some yarn and a little bit of time, your basket will be dressed up with colorful tassels that'll hold your stuff and bring some character into your space.

Jeran McConnel

Cuddle Up to a Kilim Pillow

When you want to bring on the cozy, an smart addition to your breakfast nook is a couple of throw pillows. But when you want to bring on the cozy and the style, then make kilim pillows with some fabric paint and a ruler. These Turkish-inspired pillows have gorgeous geometric designs that will add style to your space and a touch of coziness.

Lindsay Jackman

Hang a Decorative Arrow Trio

Give your breakfast nook an edgy charm with a few wall art arrows. Gather a few supplies, like aluminum sheeting, metallic spray paint and hot glue on a Saturday afternoon. When you're done, you'll have a clever and timeless decoration that can hang near the nook's table.

Lucy Akins

Create a Serving Tray for Color and Functionality

Decoupage a plain serving tray with a few details, such as your favorite stationery prints and a fun saying, and you'll have a gorgeous backdrop under your breakfast or afternoon tea.

Carrie Waller

Light Up Your Breakfast Nook With a Pendant Lamp

Having the right kind of lighting is integral to any space in your house. This dodecahedron pendant lamp will add modern and tasteful elegance to your breakfast nook without sacrificing light. What better way to incorporate a statement piece and illumination?

Sarah Dorsey

Freshen Up With Flowers and Limes

A flower arrangement adds a bit of life to your breakfast nook, and this simple arrangement is about as fresh as it gets. Whether you pick up some flowers at the farmer’s market or in your own backyard, this bouquet-and-limes project will add a lively dynamic to your decor.

Carrie Waller

Bring on Brunch With a Mimosa Bar

The very name “breakfast nook” implies that the very best of meals — breakfast — will be served in this space, so embrace it with a mimosa bar. Whether you host brunch with friends or you simply want a gorgeous arrangement to start your day, styling a mimosa bar is a worthwhile indulgence for any day of the week.

Carrie Waller

Stop and Smell the Apple Cider Donuts

Now that your breakfast nook is ready, make a breakfast to celebrate. These apple cider donuts will smell so good, you’ll scoot into your seat to gobble down one (or two!) with ease. Pair them with coffee, or grab one of those mimosas you heard about earlier. Either way, now you have an intimate space to enjoy your downtime.

April Anderson