How to Craft an Alligator Hat

alligator image by Earl Robbins from

Alligator costumes do not have to be difficult to pull off. Green sweat pants and shirts can be used as the alligator body. The head is the more difficult thing to pull off. With a little time and ingenuity, your little alligator will be on his way. This hat requires just a few ingredients that can be purchased for very little money. The hat can be crafted in under an hour.

Cut the green felt to a size to cover the bill on the visor. Hot glue the felt to one of the visors. Repeat with the second visor.

Cut a strip of white foam about three inches wide. Cut out triangles along one side to make teeth. Glue the teeth along the top of one visor, pointing down to where the face will be once the hat is put on. Repeat with the second visor.

Glue the google eyes just above the brim of the first visor. Larger eyes work better for the alligator hat than small ones. Do not do this on the second visor.

Put the visor without eyes on first, upside down so the teeth point up to the face. Place the visor with eyes on the head, as you would wear a normal visor. It will appear that your face is inside the jaws of the alligator.