How to Make a Jockstrap

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Jockstraps are functional and supportive pieces of men's underwear. Creating a jockstrap at home can be done easily by knitting a crotch pouch and then attaching it to two elastic bands. Leg straps can be made out of additional bands of elastic and sewn to the waist.

Measure your waist size with the measuring tape and subtract seven inches from the total. Measure and cut three lengths of the elastic band to this size for the waist and leg straps.

Cast on six stitches for every inch that you want the top part of your crotch pouch to be. You can make the pouch to any size you want, making it bigger for additional coverage. Knit the first row.

Knit one stitch on the second row then knit two together. Knit the rest of the row as normal until you are three stitches from the end. Knit two together, and then knit the final stitch as usual. Repeat rows one and two until you have one remaining stitch. Cast off.

Measure to find the center of the knit crotch pouch and the waist band elastic. Pin and sew the crotch pouch to the elastic band so that it is on the back of the band.

Pin and sew each piece of the elastic band to the bottom of the elastic pouch with a 1/2-inch seam. Then pin and sew each piece of the leg strap bands to the waistband five inches from the edge of each side of the waistband.

Pin and sew the two ends of the waistband together with a 1/2-inch seam.