How to Compare Bra Cups

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Selecting a comfortable, well-fitting bra is not as easy as grabbing a garment from the rack. Besides choosing the right band size, you will need the right bra cup. Hundreds of different bras are created by mixing up cup styles and sizes with back bands. Pick the right bra cup for you by examining the bras carefully before you buy them. Once you have identified which bra style you like best, buying them will be easier and faster.

Cup Sizes

Pick up the bra and look at the bra tag. Notice the number listed on the tag. This represents the circumference around the chest beneath the breasts. Measurements of 28 to 32 inches are for women with slender builds. Cups A, B and C usually fall under this category.

Notice band measurements from 34 to 38 inches. Bras at this band size will be B, C or D.

Notice the measurements from 40 to 42 inches on the band size. For this band size, the cup sizes are B, C or D.

Notice the band with measurements from 44 to 46. This size band means the cup sizes are C, D or DD.

Cup Styles

Examine the bra. Feel along the underside of the cup. If you feel wire supports, then the bra is an underwire bra.

Examine the front of the bra. If the cup is a half cup, then this bra is a demi style.

If there are no defined cups, then the bra is a bandeau style.

Look at the cups where they connect with the bra strap. If you notice the straps are removable, then the bra is a nursing bra.