How to Clean Red Wing Boots

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Red Wing boots are a tough, long-lasting brand of shoe. In fact, the company boasts that its boots will last forever. But to make that happen, you do need to care for the boots. If your boots become dirty, you need to clean them. Luckily, it is easy to clean and care for your work boots to ensure that they live up to the company's claim of durability.

Use a dry cloth or paper towel to brush away all dirt and debris from your boots. For more stuck-on dirt, use a dry bristle brush, such as a toothbrush, to scrub away the dirt.

Use the appropriate cleaning device for your particular model of shoe. Waterproof boots can be cleaned with a stiff-bristle brush and warm water. Use the brush to scrub the entire boot, rinsing the brush as needed, until the boot is clean. For suede and roughout leather boots, use a suede cleaner bar. These are available at Redwing retailers. Use the nylon-bristle side of the bar to brush away dirt, and use the cleaning bar like an eraser to remove marks and scuffs. For oil or dry tanned leather, use Red Wing leather cleaner, also available at Red Wing retailers. Spray the foam on the boot, and then wipe it away.

Allow your cleaned boots to air dry.

Condition your boots once they are dried to protect them. Red Wing mink oil is appropriate for waterproof boots. Suede, roughout and dry tan boots require Red Wing silicone. If you have oil-tanned boots, you can use Red Wing boot oil, conditioner or mink oil to treat them. Each of these products has specific instructions for application on the packaging, and the directions should be followed exactly. Overconditioning your boots can destroy the leather.

Protect your boots by applying Red Wing leather protector. It acts like a barrier against water, oil and debris.