How to Clean Oster 76 Clippers

Oster Classic 76 clippers are used by hairstylists to trim hair to an even length quickly and easily. With regular use, though, they can become clogged with hair and covered with buildup, dulling the blades. Since blade resharpening and replacement is expensive, it is wise to to clean and maintain your clippers every time you use them. By keeping the blades free of hair and well-lubricated, you can extend their useful life considerably.

Submerge the clipper blades in blade wash while the clippers are running after every use. You can also use blade wash several times during heavy use to prevent buildup of dirt and dander on the blades.

Remove the blades after use. The front, toothed portion of the blades pops up, allowing you to slide the entire blade assembly off of the silver lever on the clipper body.

Brush hair from the clipper blades with a soft toothbrush. Slide the bottom half of the blade from side to side to reach all the hair, but do not disassemble the blades.

Slide the movable blade to one side and place a drop or two of blade oil on both the top and bottom rails (the places where the two blades touch to slide back and forth). Slide the movable blade to the other side and oil that side as well.

Flip the blade assembly over so the movable blade is on top. Push it to one side and oil the running rail that contacts the blade's mounting hardware.

Place a single drop of blade oil on the outer face of the blade and rub it over the face with your finger or a soft cloth to prevent rust. If the blades are used every day, this step is not necessary.

Replace the blade on the clippers by sliding it over the lever and popping the front down until it clicks into place. Run the clippers for a couple of seconds to distribute the oil evenly.