How to Clean Goat Skin Gloves

Tanned goatskin leather is used to create several different products, including work and gardening gloves. The leather is durable enough to withstand the rigors of labor-intensive projects or an afternoon planting begonias. The goatskin is also breathable and comfortable enough to be worn for hours but strong enough to protect your hands from wear, tear and chemicals. Care for your goatskin gloves by cleaning them properly so they can continue to care for your hands as well.

Fill a sink or plastic basin with 1 gallon cold water. Add 2 tbsp. mild liquid dish soap and submerge the goatskin leather gloves.

Work the soapy water into the gloves with an unwanted toothbrush, concentrating on areas that are prone to dirt and grime buildup, including the fingertips and cuffs.

Submerge the goatskin gloves into a separate basin or sink filled with 1 gallon cool water. Work the water through the gloves with your hands to remove the soapy mixture.

Wrap the gloves in a towel and gently squeeze to remove the excess water.

Examine the goatskin gloves for remaining dirt or grime. Cover the difficult stains with a dollop of pumice-based hand cleanser. Work the cleanser into the stains with your fingers and rinse it away with cool water.

Hang the gloves outdoors to dry completely. Cover the gloves with a layer of leather protectant according to the package directions to keep the goatskin supple.