How to Soften Suede Gloves

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Suede gloves are popular for warmth and also for gardening as heavy work gloves and for hockey gloves. Suede is wonderful to touch, but it’s difficult to keep supple and clean. Water, dirt, sand and soil are all enemies of suede. When the gloves become wet or grimy they also can become hard. It’s important first to clean the gloves and then to work to restore their soft texture. Professional products, as well as home tested ideas are available to ensure success.

Clean your suede gloves by brushing them to remove any surface dirt. Use a metal brush sold for suede or a toothbrush or other cleaning brush. Try your technique on an inconspicuous spot first to be sure you aren’t rubbing too hard. Once clean, continue to brush and knead your gloves to soften them.

Rub cornmeal over your suede gloves and work it into the fabric. Then brush it off. The cornmeal will remove dirt and also start to soften your gloves. Once clean, use a brush, or pencil eraser, to help raise the nap and soften their texture.

Wipe ground-in dirt with a rag soaked in a mixture of one part vinegar to three parts water. Wring out the rag and gently rub in on the stained area. Soak up any moisture with a dry rag. As your gloves are drying knead them with your hands occasionally to help bring back the suppleness. Brush them with a stiff terrycloth rag.

Spritz your gloves with a shot of steam from a steam iron. Rub them with a terry cloth rag to remove any dirt. The heat and moisture will soften the texture. Knead them with your fingers to help them stay supple as they dry.